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Klawitter, Gina

Treasured clothing and personal belongings seemingly come to life in my mixed-media collage portraits. Whether you are local or long distance, I will work closely with you to identify and convey the story and spirit of your loved one through my art – using a single item, or combining numerous items and photographs that span a lifetime.

Dunwell, Teresa

The Memorial Icon is a commissioned painting which lovingly incorporates the ashes of your loved one or companion animal. The cremains are added to a very sacred and unique Renaissance, multi-layered oil process. Using the addition of gold leaf and essential oils this unique resting place creates a vibrant, luminous image of your loved one or their favorite location.

McNally, Alicia

A self taught artist Alicia McNally has spent years learning the fine art of pet and wildlife art. As a pet owner herself Alicia understands first hand the importance of the bond between an owner and their beloved animal companion. Whether big or small, domestic or exotic, Alicia has worked with hundreds of different kinds […]

Canada Hopkins, Angela

To embrace an enemy is to overcome it; within the playful and spontaneous brush strokes of Angela Canada Hopkins lays a colorful conquest of cancerous matter. After losing her father to cancer in her last year of art school-June of 2001-the bittersweet and therapeutic irony began to spill out onto the canvas.

Montana, Kellie

Happy ART is what I am known for. Imagine my surprise when I was commissioned by a group of friends that wanted me to create a piece of art for someone they had just lost.

Tartakoff, Katy

With more than 35 years of photographing people from birth through death, Katy professionally documents the the spirit of life shining through the eyes of her subjects. From breast cancer to children with life-challenging illnesses, Katy specializes in bringing families together – capturing a celebration of life and enduring love. Visit her website to find […]

Reed, Wendy

Turn a loved one’s favorite garment into a huggable, one-of-a-kind bear for a treasured keepsake. The inspiration for Treasured Bears came from making bears in memory of my father and 15-year old son and seeing what comfort they brought my mom and daughter.

Alverson, Gail

A lifetime of memories can be made into a treasured comforting quilt or throw using your deceased loved one’s clothing – a living memory that gives years of comfort to friends and family.

Gershman, Nancy

Bring me the memories and photos most precious to you, and watch your loved one (or pet) come to life in my Dreamscape as never before.

Jordan, Dave

I started lamp working in 1990 in the pristine beauty of the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado. Influenced by the early Venetian glass artist masters, I bring my love for nature and fantasy to create unique contemporary glass creations.

Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns

Our extensive collection of unique, artistic, hand-crafted keepsake urns for cremation ashes provides a sense of peace, joy and relief. You may also wish to partner with one of our skilled artists and create a custom urn, pet urn or memorial.

Bishop, Liz

Liz’s creativity in each “Spirit Vessel” is an original, designed to serve as a wonderful piece of artwork and a reminder of the life and soul of your loved one.

Alquraisha, Nora

My name is Nora Alquraisha and I create quilts of comfort for you and your family. Fabrics are my paint, chosen with care to create a one of a kind treasure.

Rhine, Rosie

Some years back I had the honor of making a king-sized bereavement quilt for a mother made from the clothes of her beloved daughter, who had been brutally murdered. This experience changed me, as I transformed beautiful dresses into a story quilt.

Krafft, Melody

Melody’s clairvoyant and artistic abilities allow her to see the other side and sketch spirit guides, deceased loved ones and past lives. They remind us that communication with loved ones who have crossed over continues.

Carmody, Mitch

As a bereaved father, sibling and son, my life is dedicated to serving the bereaved as a writer, author, artist and national speaker. My book “Letters To my Son” has been sold nationwide; my memorial portraits have been sent all over the world.

Nelson, Gaynor

I am a portrait artist from Longmont, Colorado. My personal style of painting is highly influenced by the Classical Realist tradition.

Kiefer, Gretchen

Ash Cremain Embedded Memorial Plaster Portraits “A Touching Way to Remember”. Creating Memorials that are as unique as the love you shared.

Smith, Michael

Custom hand made ceramic urns – Made with Love for your Beloved.

Alex in Welderand

Each pet is so very special. I create a custom pet urns for your little (or big) angel. Each and every urn is created with love.

Bonner, Catherine

A Sterling Silver Broken Heart, Mended by Hand with a strand of 14k Yellow Gold, a “gift of healing” for the broken heart.

Sage, Sybil

My mosaic memory items are intended to embrace the persona of a loved one (person or pet) by embedding photos and other personal items.

Engel, Silvia

Silvia Engel and her company, Love Ashes, has been voted as one of the funeral industry’s most innovative cremation jewelry companies in the US.

Mulford, Ina

Unique Fine Art Canvas Giclée Masterpieces From Your Photographs

Anderson, Robin

A custom-designed stained glass portrait of your pet is a wonderful way to memorialize your companion and ease the heartbreak of your loss.

Shine On Brightly

Shine On Brightly – the Art of Reverence

Edwards, Joan

Instead of tucking away that treasured piece of clothing in a closet or drawer, you can have it closer at hand in a handcrafted bear.

Libby, Dolly

Cremated remains infused in beautiful lampwork glass beads.

Tilson-Mallett, Nancy

Palliative Care Physician creates healing images for patients and caregivers.

Celebrative Art

Celebrative Art represents a unique group of fine artists. We offer beautiful and unique ways to remember your loved one, all made by hand in the United States. Celebrative Art offers ornate urns made from wood, glass and ceramic that range from classic to avant-garde. If you’re looking for something outside of urns for cremations, Celebrative Art also offers hand design borosilicate glass memorial pendants, sterling silver necklaces, and ceramic prayer wheels. Because each piece is made-to-order by hand there are no two pieces alike.

Doll, Becky

This book is a great therapeutic workbook and a wonderful gift for someone who has experienced a loss.

Hoffee, Christine

Transform your favorite photo into a 3D crystal keepsake.

Kaufmann, Emma

When a pet dies it can seem like the light has gone out of your life. Working from your photos, I bring the memory of your pet alive again. Tell me about your pet and all the adventures you had together, and I will create a pet portrait that makes you smile. Working in pastel […]

Lifetime Remembrances by Artist Marcie Knuckles

Knuckles, Marcie

In print and on canvas, with your words and photos, I keep the spirit of your loved one alive by creating a remembrance with care and compassion … as if your loved one was my own family. And just as your loved one is a very unique and special individual, so too is the graphic design of […]

Olian, Matthew

With the utmost care and respect, accomplished glass cremation jewelry artist, Matthew Olian, encases and suspends a small amount of your loved ones’ cremated remains within layers of optically pure glass. The glass-and-ash mixture is manipulated over a small flame, allowing for rich detail and color. What makes this such an elegant memorial keepsake, is that the […]

Hernandez, Patti and Roman

Employing metal smith techniques, husband and wife artisans, Patti and Roman Hernandez specialize in cremation glass and precious metal jewelry in a rainbow of colors: sixteen in all. Lasting for generations, your keepsake jewelry is the result of their 20 year combined experience in the jewelry industry. Ask about personalized custom engraving, available on many […]

Cremated remains pendant by Sacred Embers

Osborne, Carolyn

I began Sacred Embers when I lost my brother to cancer and wanted to honor him in a special way. Keeping my brother close “in living color” is now helping others to feel the healing and peace made possible from holding and wearing a Sacred Embers object.  I always take the time to get to know who you have lost, using […]

Glass Cremation Jewelry, Sculptures and Paperweights by Henry S. Duquette

Duquette, Henry C.

Our glass cremation jewelry, sculptures and paperweights glisten with gold, silver, brass, copper and other metals – without a bubble in sight.  Each piece is inscribed with the name of your loved one in 22K gold. In short, our pieces become a vivid, colorful remembrance equal to all the love and joy you and your […]